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The Christian Science Monitor
Italian town that models migrant integration feels national election’s bite
Schio, located among the heartland of the anti-immigrant Northern League party, has long welcomed foreigners. But migration, a highly charged issue in this year’s parliamentary election, is beginning to become divisive even here.
The Christian Science Monitor
With elections imminent, Italy pulls out the stops to fight fake news
The issue of fake news – bufale, in Italian – has dominated concerns in Italy ahead of the March 4 parliamentary elections. The government, in partnership with companies like Facebook, has launched several projects to fight back.
PRI's The World
Undocumented migrants in southern Italy find security and empowerment in being ‘vulnerable’
When Pat’s father died and her family didn’t have enough money to survive in Nigeria, friends told her about a job taking care of children in Florence. She signed up and traveled there in 2000. But there was no job. She was sold to a sex trafficking ring. Pat, who preferred that her last name not […]
How a Salvadoran theater is giving women a second chance at life
It’s a Thursday evening at a theater in El Salvador’s capital, San Salvador. As the performers of La Cachada Teatro prepare to take the stage, the audience is told to keep an open mind — and an open heart. Six years ago, the actress and director Egly Larreynaga convinced five single mothers from the poorest […]
The Christian Science Monitor
Mothers caught up in El Salvador’s abortion ban put focus on families
The Latin American country has one of the world’s strictest laws against abortion, and dozens of women say they were wrongly jailed after suffering miscarriages. As El Salvador debates loosening the ban, they’re trying to change the conversation.
Notícias Magazine
No país onde as mães têm medo de engravidar
El Salvador tem uma das leis do aborto mais restritas do mundo e algumas mulheres chegam a ser condenadas a 40 anos de prisão por sofrerem abortos espontâneos. Em nome da proteção da família e dos filhos que estão por nascer, esta lei deixa famílias desprotegidas e filhos sem mãe.
Greeks talk of betrayal and revenge after harsh bailout agreement
The Greek Government agreed to new and tougher austerity measures imposed by the eurozone leaders.
With fear of Grexit, Greeks give up meat, hide money around the house and pray for a miracle
Greeks adapt to the exhausting waiting for a new agreement with the EU.
‘Disaster will happen’: Despair on the streets of Athens over financial crisis
The greek crisis escalated last weekend when the government decided to shut down its banks for a week, until after the national referendum on Sunday when Greek voters will decide whether to accept new austerity measures proposed by the “troika” of the International Monetary Fund, the European Union, and the European Central Bank.
No time to unpack: The refugees in constant motion across Croatia
A struggle in transit in Croatia’s makeshift refugee camps.
Police separate refugee families on the Croatian border
Some families have been separated on the border between Croatia and Slovenia.
Refugiados encurralados na Croácia. Já há famílias separadas
O drama dos refugiados que estão em campos improvisados nas fronteiras da Croácia com a Eslovénia e a Sérvia.
Fado Bicha is forcing traditional Portuguese fado ‘out of the closet’
Fado Bicha, which roughly translates to Queer Fado, is meant as a provocation to force fado out of the closet.   Audio by Catarina Fernandes Martins for PRI.
World Policy Journal
Letter from Lisbon
A writer takes stock of Portugal’s bust-and-boom years following the financial crisis, and wonders whether the current recovery will be the one that sticks.
The Christian Science Monitor
As jobs, workers return to Spain and Portugal, so does a sense of self-worth
After years of going abroad to find employment, the Iberian Peninsula is experiencing a resurgence in both economy and popularity. And that is bolstering Portuguese and Spanish psyches as well as wallets.
The Christian Science Monitor
To take Spain left, prime minister digs up civil war’s legacy
At the heart of Pedro Sanchez’s government is a dramatic appeal to unresolved issues around the fascist era. But it may not be enough to bolster his party for the challenges of the present.
The Christian Science Monitor
Barcelona elected a feminist government. Here’s what happened next.
Gender equality and women’s rights are a topic of debate around the world today. In Barcelona, Spain, citizens have been trying a new tack on the issue: Does feminist government mean better government?
The Christian Science Monitor
It’s a deal: Spanish fixer-uppers for tenants willing to work
Why would a landlord take less money in rent? A nonprofit in Spain is matching owners who want to help with tenants who need a break but are willing to fix up a place.
Notícias Magazine
No sul, como em casa
Um migrante ganês em trânsito para Acra perde-se em Lisboa e desencadeia um reencontro entre uma repórter e uma história que esta pensava ter deixado para trás. A história que se seguiu serve de reflexão sobre a provincial informalidade do sul e os seus efeitos no acolhimento de migrantes em Portugal e em Itália.
Notícias Magazine
«Falem» pedem os catalães. E ninguém parece ouvir
A frase «não há solução» está na boca de todos, pró-independência e pró-Espanha. Aqueles que, apanhados entre os dois lados da barricada, insistem no diálogo e pedem soluções não discutidas até agora, temem estar numa «situação impossível» e não encontram ninguém que os represente.
Notícias Magazine
«A morte da jornalista Kim Wall fez-nos perceber que não estamos sozinhas»
A jornalista CATARINA FERNANDES MARTINS, colaboradora frequente da Notícias Magazine, escreve sobre os riscos a que estão sujeitas as mulheres freelancer. E de como a trágica morte de uma afeta todas.